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Our core business is designing, developing, and integrating Internet applications and associated technologies.
This ad server software is a fruit of years of knowledge and experience.
This ad server software is 100% pure Java.




 Multi-Platform Support
Since Ad Dispenser is written in Pure Java you can run the system on any operating system.

  Multi-Database Support
Ad Dispenser is tested with number of different databases to ensure compatibility. (Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL and more)

  Database Connection Pooling
Ad Dispenser is written using the best coding practices in Java, it utilizes an internal JDBC connection pooler if another one is not available. This ensures a fast database connection and enhances the response time.

  Support For Serving Ads To Multiple Sites
Using Ad Dispenser you can setup number of different sites. You can server up specific or a mixture of banners to different sites.

  Serve Ads to Unlimited Sites
Yasna is mostly focused on creating software solutions that help our customers. Our focus is to maintain our happy customers, in that endeavour Ad Dispenser is licensed per Server, and you are allowed to have multiple installation of the software on a single server.

  Segregation of Data and Code
Ad Dispenser is written to ensure ease of maintainability. Using Ad Dispenser Admin software you can upload banners, and all the data even the images are stored in the database. Therefore the data will be maintained separate from the code.

  HTML Code Generator
Ad Dispenser will automatically generate HTML code that you can paste into your website.

  Easy To Follow Installation Software
Accompanied with Ad Dispenser there is an easy to follow installation software that will assist you to install the software.

  Auto Refreshing Banners
To boost your impression numbers, Ad Dispenser allows for Ads to be auto refreshed. The refresh rate can be specified in the Admin.

  Scrolling Banners
Ad Dispenser allows for different banners to be rotated using our scrolling program.

  Support For Multiple Zones
Ad Dispenser allows for different zones, so you can easily setup banners on different locations on your site.

  Browser Anti Caching
Ad Dispenser using anti caching code ensures accurate impression count.

  User Manager
Ad Dispenser allows you to maintain different logins for number of users and publishers.

  Maximum Impressions & Click Throughs
Ad Dispenser allows you to specify maximum number of impressions and click-throughs for banners

  Easy and Friendly Software
Our years of experience has gone into creating this advertising software, which focuses on an easy to use.

  Seperate Logging Process
We have architectured Ad Dispenser so that there is a separate process for logs and statistics update. This ensures that the performance of the server is not hindered by overhead in updating the stats. In short: Ad Dispenser is very fast.

  Third Party Ads
Ad Dispenser allows you to serve third party ads. This advertising software will allow you to keep track of the third party impressions for verification.

  Heavy Traffic
We have successfully tested Ad Dispenser to serve 5,000,000 hits a day. This advertising software was designed to be able to handle the traffic of the busiest sites. For the details of the test please feel free to contact us.

  Ads Weight
Ad Dispenser advertising software allows you to easily control which ads to be served more by changing the weight of the ads.

  Time, Day and Date
Ad Dispenser advertising software allows you to easily control the date, time that the ads display. You can also set ads to only be shown on certain days of the week e.g. Only on Mondays.

  Support for Text Ads
With Ad Dispenser you can serve Text ads like "Google Ads".

  Rich Media Ads
Ad Dispenser allows you to serve rich media ads.

  clickTAG support for Macromedia Flash Ads
Ad Dispenser Server supports clickTAG for tracking clicks through Flash Ads

  Store Images on Web Server Directory
Our ad software technology allows you to have your load-balanced servers store the images on a web server directory. This allows your image banners served by the web server directly instead of the application server and still have an accurate count of the impressions and clicks.

  Pass URL variable to Target Page
Our ad software allows you to pass the page URL variable to the target page. Certain web page programming requires page variables to be passed to the next page. With Ad Dispenser you can have a setting where it allows the URL variables of the page that the ads are displayed on to be passed to the target page of the ad.

  Banner Effectiveness Calculations
Ad Dispenser Software allows you to display effective ads more frequently. With our Automatic Effectiveness calculation, it will show banners that are effective (generate more click rate) in a campaign more often than other banners.

  Keyword Search Matches
Ad Dispenser Software allows you to have your search page display ads that match keywords. You can customize and have a searched URL variable name for each zone to allow you to better control your ads.

  User Permission and Access
Ad Dispenser Software allows you to limit the users to view or modify permitted objects. Our advertising technology allows the users to only see and modify banners, campaigns, zones or sites that they have permission for. And you can limit their permission to view only so they can view and run reports without being able to modify the settings.

  Supported Ad Formats
Ad Dispenser Software allows you to have configured ad formats and sizes.

  Unique Impressions and Clicks
Ad Dispenser Software allows you limit the unique impressions and counts for each client. You can even limit the number of unique impressions or clicks that are permitted for each client per day. This allows to ensure that your clicks and impressions are valid.