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Our core business is designing, developing, and integrating Internet applications and associated technologies.
This ad server software is a fruit of years of knowledge and experience.
This ad server software is 100% pure Java.




Interactive Sports Entertainment and Marketing
We have been using Ad Dispenser now for nearly two years and found it to be one of the best advertising investments we have ever made. Ad Dispenser allows us to quickly design and create effective banner ad campaigns with unbelievable tracking and reporting ability. In the well designed administration interface we can easily change any aspect of a running campaign from the banner art or the page click url in seconds, and the reporting is phenomenal... not to mention the support we have gotten from Yasna as well. I can true say that Yasna is a pleasure to do business with and offers an extremely powerful ad server at a very cost effective price.

Jeff Dripps
Senior Network Architect
Interactive Sports Entertainment and Marketing